Saturday, September 3, 2016

Metal Smile

Sam began his journey with braces this summer.  The first couple of days were really rough because he not only got braces but an expander.  His expander caused him quite a bit of pain, made it hard for him to swallow, eat and talk.  The first two days he carried around a cup to spit into since he had such difficulty swallowing.  Finally, he figured out how to swallow but it was still difficult to talk and eat.  Those things have continued to improve over time but sometimes he will still get food caught in it and pronounces a few words with difficulty.  Luckily the expander will come off around Christmas time and he will just have the braces to deal with for another year and a half.  
He enjoys picking out his rubber band colors each time he visits.  He has had royal blue and gold for The KC Royals, black and gold for Mizzou and is currently wearing royal blue and red for Gentry since his first football game is next week.  He also enjoys his orthodontist and all the ladies at the office so getting him to go isn't a chore.  He will be really happy when he has a perfect smile! 
The after photo in the car after the appointment.

The before photo in the office waiting for his turn.

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